It is Multimeat’s mission and role to be a partner in the pet food industry, both with regard to the demand side, as well as the supply side of business. On the one hand, we do so by taking substantial positions towards suppliers of by-products, as well as by producing by-products and petfood our self. On the other hand, we are able to offer a wide range of speciality products from a variety of mainly exotic species to producers and retailers of pet food. We deliver just in time.

Our strength lies in exotics and speciality meats and by-products, supplied alongside more commoditised by-products.

Warehousing is an essential element of our strategy, as it allows us to store and provide seasonal products to our customers, year round.
Our natural resources are finite and the world’s population is growing. With the rising demands for protein, it is our shared responsibility to optimize the usage and value of our livestock and natural resources.

Multimeat takes this to heart; we don’t do waste. We regard every cut of meat and every by-product as inherently valuable and for which a market and or usage can be found, be it for the human consumption market, the pet food industry, for pharmaceuticals, leather or for other technical uses. This holistic approach allows us to appreciate the animal to the fullest and to reduce unused animal material to an absolute minimum.

With this in mind, we see animal by-products and pet food as a high involvement product. We act accordingly, to the fullest of our capacities.