Welcome to Multimeat Pet food solutions

Multimeat is a privately held Belgian company, active as a processor and distributor of meat for many decades. After a long history in meat for human consumption, Multimeat has diversified and has now also become a flexible player in and partner to the pet food industry. In doing so, we optimize the nutritional value of livestock, which we consider our ‘green’ goal.

Multimeat processes and distributes animal by-products for the production of pet food, ready-made pet food, by-products for the production of pharmaceuticals, and additives for the pet food industry. Our strength lies in exotics and specialty meats as well as by-products, provided alongside bulk products.

As a fully developed pet food division, we are a partner to both the supply and the demand side of the pet food industry by taking substantial positions and offering a broad and flexible range of products to our clients. Quality is key. We are convinced that success only comes through the relentless pursuit of continuous quality improvement of our products as well as of our service. We welcome the challenge of listening to our customers and working together

with them to satisfy their product requirements and to develop new products and opportunities.

Multimeat pet food solutions

Multimeat is proud to be member of a truly global network of companies. Multimeat is based in Ranst, Belgium, but its supply plants and business partners are located in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Australasia.

The worldwide nature of our business, allows us to deliver swiftly and just in time across the planet, to seek new business opportunities as well as to employ an extensive network of business partners. We cherish a mind-set that is globally engaged to the needs of the pet food industry. Having our own network of supply plants and storage facilities, Multimeat is able to produce and hold storage of a wide variety of animal products and by-products from a variety of species and origins. This also makes us expert practitioners in traceability of our products and in guaranteeing the safety and quality of our products.